Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Today is EID ..........and we can have every day EID when we stop to commit sins in our life .(As Imam ALI salamollahalah said in NAHJOLBALAGHE)
Imam ALI was tireless person in his life . I said to myself am I trying to learn and act this style of life in my life?
These are the important messages of GHADIR event I understood from Family of PROPHET:
All Moslemias are as a big family and they should :
Correct their mistakes .
Attract others ' trust even those they don't agree with.
Observe manners and ethical considerations more.
Try to get their greatest path to success with their intelligence,strengthen .
Not act like fools, whatever we don't know about is not bad.
Not forget that the yardstick of glory and abjection is the truth.
Be patient and graceful,if they want to have high goals.
Combine their knowledge with actions.
Observe the rights of others ,speaking is one of rights .
...............................till I think about the rest of their messages in my life in order by reading the story of their life.
About photo:
The photo is Damavand mountain from my city.

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