Wednesday, December 31, 2008


" In Allah do we put our trust Our Lord! make us not a
trial for those who practice oppression;
"And deliver us by Thy Mercy from Those who reject[Thee]" yoonus:10/85-86"
sometime I think about the wrongdoers and think
about the company of the wrongdoers .
sometimes I think about when we have indeed
wronged our soul .We can distinguish between
correct and incorrect in different situation of our life ,
if we want and trying to find truth .They are nice blessing when
we repeat these Ayat from Quran :
"O my Lord ! advance me in knowledge". "Taha:20/114" and " O my Lord!
Bestow wisdom on me and join me with the righteous." "The poets:26/83"
Imam Husayn(sA)and Lady Zeynab (sA)his sister and their Family and their special Friends showed us the meaning of Ayat in event of Ashoora with their behaiviors and manners.
About photo:
Here is a part of my home I arranged it so ,because of these days .The soil under
the candle is from different land Meca and Karbala and ......

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Our Lord!
make of us Muslims, bowing to Thy(will), and of our progeny a people Muslim bowing to Thy(will);and show us our places for the celebration of (due)rites; and turn unto us (in mercy);
for Thou art the oft-Returning ,Most-Mercifui 2/128

Let me conclude with the couplet of Sa'di( our poet):
"Sa'di if you wish to enjoy the pleasures of love and evergreen blossom of life,
it is enough to absorb the love of Muhamad and his progeny."

These days in my country, people are preparing something for the mourning Imam and his special friends . Every Moharam I review and rethink about karbala events and I get new ideas and emotions about it . I make my life by this love alive and fresh.

About photo:
I have taken it in our new year from the beach in north of Iran .This view made us sad ...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


He was the first one that said happy birthday to himself when he was born ,as QURAN said in MARYAM SOURE :33 . His Mother had a difficult situation and he intruduced himself to people who blamed Holy MARYAM for the birth of MASIH.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Man is a little strange;he goes on exploring the
Himalayas,he goes on exploring the pacific,
he goes on reaching for the moon ; there is
just one thing he never tries __ exploring his
inner being .

The moment you know that the universe has
heartbeat, you have discovered God.


Before death knocks on your door ,share whatsoever you have.
you can sing?-sing it, share it .
you can paint a picture ?-paint,shae it.....
whatsoever you have - and I have never come across
a man who has not much to share. [The little book of Osho ]

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Today is EID ..........and we can have every day EID when we stop to commit sins in our life .(As Imam ALI salamollahalah said in NAHJOLBALAGHE)
Imam ALI was tireless person in his life . I said to myself am I trying to learn and act this style of life in my life?
These are the important messages of GHADIR event I understood from Family of PROPHET:
All Moslemias are as a big family and they should :
Correct their mistakes .
Attract others ' trust even those they don't agree with.
Observe manners and ethical considerations more.
Try to get their greatest path to success with their intelligence,strengthen .
Not act like fools, whatever we don't know about is not bad.
Not forget that the yardstick of glory and abjection is the truth.
Be patient and graceful,if they want to have high goals.
Combine their knowledge with actions.
Observe the rights of others ,speaking is one of rights .
...............................till I think about the rest of their messages in my life in order by reading the story of their life.
About photo:
The photo is Damavand mountain from my city.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Future is similar to the past in that time flies in both of them.
This is the garden of my father in this autumn . ..

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A New Begining From EID!

Eid will be Mobarak for whoever that makes another start and begin in life .

Eid( in Arabi) means returning . returning to ourselves...!
This time I am thinking about learning to value
my talents
my purpose
my life
and my meaning in my world. when I remember the story of Prophet Ebrahim ,
I request God to teach me his life style in my life.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


DO not lose your freedom ;ALLAH creates you free-born.
It is a short sayings that i undrerstood from Imam
ALI alahessalam in NAHJOLBALAGHE .All my own life
related to it since I have choosen this path (ISLAM) .
And most of the time I check my maner
in my life by this meaning .
Another short saying that I read from
Imam ALI is about importance of reason
and politeness. we are known by our behavior ;
so accompany our personality and nobleness with
reason and politeness ;then money and race are not
important for introducing ourselves.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The prophet MOHAMMAD :
Delighting people have these meaning:
1- Deliver them from poverty,

2- Destroy their sadness,
3-and Pay back their debt.

I think delighting the God's servants doesn't merely mean joking with them ,but also helping them out when in trouble.

The prophet MOHAMMAD:
ALLAH really likes a person who wakes up at midnight and reading QURAN.
I think it should have been an occasion for calming our anxieties by recalling him in silent and thinking about ourselves and our acts deeply.

The prophet MOHAMMAD:
The main factor of your misery is your tongue.
The most of our sins related to it .we have lots of responsibilities about our words that use them.

I read a Hadis from IMAM ALI and I noticed we evaluate in 3 fields in our life :
1- In our wealth,
2- In our status,
3-and In our difficulty.