Sunday, July 26, 2009



Thank you dear Yasmeen

Thank you dear My Hijab

Hello every body my friends and my visitors !
When I wasn't ok .
I 've been awarded by warmheartedly Mina more than month ago thank you so much my darling .That's kind of you as always .
I've been awarded Adorable Blog by the gracious Yasmeen and My Hijub both.Thank you so much of you Yasmeen that always are care for whoever you know and so kind dear.And My Hijub who I respect you always and I love all : Mina,Yasmeen and My Hijub and:

The gracious Cecilia tagged me who is my dear and kind friend that she had sympathy for me like the other friends . you all were here when I needed a sympathetic ear about our problems in my country and you showed that you understand and care about OUR problems.Thank you so much again.
I present Adorable Blog Award to you that deserve about it and you all love the sake of Allah Taala and then to:
1-My Life My Story by dear Cecilia who makes me hopeful .

2-American Muslima Writerby Brandy who makes me laugh when I am sad sometimes and she
is full of energy.
3-lifes struggles who makes me think about some important cases.

4-A Hijabee in DC who makes me lively.
I really love reading another blogs and I am sure there are a lot of Adorable blogs ,I don't have time enough of knowing them .
Dear cecilia you tagged me and I say about myself again ,Before (A few months ago)Iv'been tagged when I was ok,
These are my 10 honest things about myself now:
1- Before I imagined myself at the age of Cecilia (ha ha )but the friday before last friday I undrestood NO,when I and my children went to Joma salat and the guys of illegall government fellow us and other prayers and they threw forward us teargaz ,I noticed I became a bit old ! coz my children pull my hands and shouting mom please faster ,come on faster ,and so we escaped from that place (after I cried to hid )
2- I want to back my painting class with my children like 2 years ago! It's amasing for me in this situation.
3- I am really enjoing reading these sorts of books: factual books,psychological books and sociological books.
4-I really enjoy and pleasure when on My Hijab's blog I see the pic of the sera's face with her peach in her hands ,It makes me smile always.Mashaallah
5- I love my children and the kids all over the world .
6- While ago one of my friend who was my romate at university called me on the phone surprisingly after 10 years ,I became happy .I was so sad that night though.
7- Sometimes a very little thing makes me happy ,for example buying a small pen ,while buying a gold can not make me fun.
8- Usually my friends ask me this question: "Honestly tell me when do you rest"?!!!!!
9- I pray sth . for myself inside my heart "For my life and For my death " .I tell you these:
O LORD help me I never lose my positive energy till my death and help me in the time of my death I will have been the most satisfied servant the journey in another world.
10- This month and last month (from the New year till now) I cried so much ,I tried to hid my tears of my childern coz every day I saw or heard bad news ,yesterday I noticed one of our friend's son was killed by the guys of illegal government ,HIS parent are doctors and he was so young and student at university.(sorry that I bother you by my sadness, I feel I am being filled with grief ):((((
Our people for keeping our Islamic revolution have been suffered a lot before and nowedays.
So I tagg these blogs: