Saturday, December 6, 2008


DO not lose your freedom ;ALLAH creates you free-born.
It is a short sayings that i undrerstood from Imam
ALI alahessalam in NAHJOLBALAGHE .All my own life
related to it since I have choosen this path (ISLAM) .
And most of the time I check my maner
in my life by this meaning .
Another short saying that I read from
Imam ALI is about importance of reason
and politeness. we are known by our behavior ;
so accompany our personality and nobleness with
reason and politeness ;then money and race are not
important for introducing ourselves.


Cecilia said...

"we are known by our behavior" this is so true I think!
very nice post!

my beautiful life said...

These days we are reading about behavior of prophet and his offspring :)

Banafshe said...

you are a thinking woman's bloger.

Banafshe said...

My beautiful life
Welcome to my blog.
I think This reading makes your life nicer.

Anonymous said...

The world would be so much better if we all would be more polite.

Banafshe said...

That's true.

hijabee said...

Great reminder. Thanks for sharing :)

Banafshe said...

Hiii...hijabee ! yes I read it again and again .
Have a beauty and happy time.