Wednesday, December 31, 2008


" In Allah do we put our trust Our Lord! make us not a
trial for those who practice oppression;
"And deliver us by Thy Mercy from Those who reject[Thee]" yoonus:10/85-86"
sometime I think about the wrongdoers and think
about the company of the wrongdoers .
sometimes I think about when we have indeed
wronged our soul .We can distinguish between
correct and incorrect in different situation of our life ,
if we want and trying to find truth .They are nice blessing when
we repeat these Ayat from Quran :
"O my Lord ! advance me in knowledge". "Taha:20/114" and " O my Lord!
Bestow wisdom on me and join me with the righteous." "The poets:26/83"
Imam Husayn(sA)and Lady Zeynab (sA)his sister and their Family and their special Friends showed us the meaning of Ayat in event of Ashoora with their behaiviors and manners.
About photo:
Here is a part of my home I arranged it so ,because of these days .The soil under
the candle is from different land Meca and Karbala and ......


hijabee said...

That's a great decoration

Banafshe said...

How you are care dear Hijabee!