Wednesday, April 29, 2009


1-Real position of science and knowledge is our minds and hearts, so keep them clean and pure.
2- Scientific discussions will make the relationship with God strong.
3- Talking with competent individuals on scientific issues shows awareness while withinsanes it is foolishness.
Hello everybody!
I read those sentences in the small book and I share with you them .
We took the photo from the place that is near my husband's hometown ,I love that .
These days I am thinking about my elder daughter and her entrace exam at university and I think about science and how can this way help us really change ourselves and see beauty life and undrestanding ourselves and others......?


Lisa said...

Missed you sweetie. I love you, beautiful post!

Banafshe said...

Missed you too.That was from your kind dear, I can not back even weekly ,It is not forever Inshaallah ,be safe and health forever,Dear Lisa