Monday, January 12, 2009


I think:
you are modest and honest.
you are able to express affection and you have capacity and let others criticize you.
you keep in contract with people,it has a great blessing of God.
you are behave nobly and have high emotional and the company of somebody and to look what they are interested in.
you are very sensitve when a peson who is doing bad act.
I think you hate having biassed of group or opinion on fair judgement, unless they bother you. I
believe in this situation your real friend is the person who monitors your behaviors and makes
you thinking deeply about it.
God knows the value of your love and we remember : we are with who has entered our heart so
protect it .

Because of these (above):
I eager to talk to you though I am not good at English.
What I undrestood from our Deen is love, since I have choosen it many years ago.I saw and see a group of the followers by bad approching and acting .I believe all things that are value in our world ,have a lot of counterfeit or fake.
We have a lot of resorses for knowing Islam .I did not start to get Islam from the act of the followers but(thanks God) I saw some of them in good behavior in my life .I imagine Islam is like an ocean and I as a diver to discover inside it .God wants we make important changes in our life by our struggling.
Somethings helped me until I find the way of searching .One of the best aspect of this raserching
is getting LOVE, that helps me inspite of difficulty I go on and eagering to get more information about processing of reaching to the truth in my life.
As you know in Arabic Islam means peace and safe,I love our prophet(SA) said :The best is who loves the others the most.

I feel you are ex-muslem about your old thoughts of Islam and next-muslem by getting the truth in new approaching to Islam not approaching of polluted politices(They just think to themselves not God) not approaching of Arab or else (some of them really destroy the truth)We should make an effort for getting the truh of Islam,this reaserching is the meaning of my life.
I respect the biologists that eager to find the truth of organisms by unbiaseing approach.
I wish you were here and my English was better.
Love you lisa.


Lisa said...

Dear Banafshe,

I was absolutely moved to tears. That was so sweet of you to create an entire post about me. I just love you so much sweet sister. Thank you for being there for me.

Banafshe said...

I hope all things will be ok .
Thank you Dear Lisa...

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi, I found your blog through Lisa's , I hope that you don't mind that I am here.
And by the way, you got a nice blog.

Banafshe said...

Grace !
Hi and welcome to my blog!
Thank you for your checking out my blog :)

Grégoire said...

You speak English very well. I'm a big Lisa fan too. She writes well and is genuine, which is something I can say about you... and not too many others (myself included).

I'm also a fan of Iran. I hope my children will get to go someday. It's one of the great human civilizations. Perseopolis, Qom (to see the great blue mosque), the Caspian Sea... all that good stuff. You should be proud to live there.

Banafshe said...

Mr Gregorie!
Thank you .
I look at Lisa as a person who wants to find the truth in her difficalitis ,I really think to her as a sis coz all are from God and family of Him .When I look at smeone there is not border between countries in my view. In Islam dialog is the best way for solving problems and dialog in right way not in insulting way. Ostad Jafri said right in my idea:If we, as followers of divine religions, can create mutual understanding based on the nature of the divine religion Abraham brought us, it will definitely be accepted by all religions, and reasonable, peaceful coexistence will become possible.I am a fan of the truth that attracts Lisa forward Himself.
Thanks for your feelings about Iran.