Sunday, November 16, 2008


Believe that your greatest enemy is hopelessness.
Believe that passing of days lessen your lifetime ,
so do not wast your time.
My f&t :
This photo was taken a part of my father-in-law 's farm .
These are flowers of onions I love this photo .


Anonymous said...

A very nice picture and the quote,too.

Banafshe said...

Welcome my blog.

Cecilia said...

I love the quote! very beautiful I think!

Hajar said...

Beautiful quote. Our time on earth is volatile. Thus, make the most of whatever time that we have been granted with. :)

Banafshe said...

welcome to my blog
Thanks .you are really right.

zohre said...

Irealy enjoyed your weblog. The pictures were intresting and the quotes made me think again about my lifestyle. . I wish you all the best in the world.may you please tell me about "writing after learning"?

Banafshe said...

Welcome Zohre jan in my blog
and thanks from your kindness you asked me about writing after learning .I think when I got some experience in my life It is better I write them on the spicial notbook and saving them for own I know myself I forgot sth even important experience . I think we are forgetful about our life.we are busy and sometimes or most of the time we don't have a good memory .My God bless you.